Lombard Car Title Loans

Receive the Most on Your Car Title

When you choose Lombard Car Title Loans as your source for bad credit loans, you are guaranteed to receive the largest money payouts at the lowest title loan interest rates. Unfortunately, we realize that when you choose one of our competitors, you will get a smaller loan for your car title at interest rates that will make you cry. You deserve better than that!

What is a Car Title Loan?

Taking out a small loan on your car title is called a car title loan. If you own your car outright and possess the title, you can use the title to get a loan. You maintain possession of your vehicle the whole time since the title is used as collateral. You will need a valid West Virginia ID as well. When you fill out an easy application online and answer all the questions completely, you will get an immediate quote as to how much of a loan you will get. You can also call us and a customer representative can assist you. With a car title loan from Lombard Car Title Loans, you will have the money the same day and be able to settle of any financial obligations right away.

Bad Credit Loans are Okay

Today's economy makes it hard to maintain a good credit history. You don't have to worry if that's the case. You can still get a car title loan. Lombard Car Title Loans doesn't care about your credit score, and isn't worried about low credit. Your ability to receive a loan on your car title will not be affected by a maxed-out credit card or a pay-cut at work. You won't be discouraged when you apply for a loan with us. You can get a bad credit loan using your car's title as collateral, without having to hand over your vehicle.

We Put Happy Customers as a Priority

Lombard Car Title Loans understands how important it is to keep you happy. The best way of doing this is gaining your trust. We want you satisfied, and most importantly, we want to assist you in taking care of your financial situations quickly and easily. Our number one priority is your satisfaction. We keep you happy with no waiting in lines and no completing long forms. We ensure you have the lowest interest rates possible and no pre-payment penalties. This guarantees you can get low payments and can pay back the loan as soon as possible. You are important to us and we will make it easy to get the loan you need and fast! You are able to always depend on us!

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